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Front cover of the book: McClelland Barclay, Painter of Beautiful Women and More, an illustrated biography by Patricia Gostick

A beautiful Illustrated biography of 20th century artist, McClelland Barclay by Patricia Gostick. Limited first edition hardcover, can be signed by the author.

"illustrator McClelland Barclay (1891–1943) is at last the subject of a beautiful and extensive new biography by author Patricia Gostick"  - Dan Zimmer, publisher/editor, Illustration Magazine, #28

"You will have to read the book to find out the back story." -Elyse Zorn Karlin, editor, ASJRA.

"It’s a great resource, probably one of the very few that is comprehensive" - Sharon Berman, Host, Jewelry Journey podcast, episode 125.

The first complete biography of Barclay's life and works

Author Patricia Gostick tells the full story of Barclay's life and his portrayal of a dramatically changing America through his art. Over years of extensive research, Gostick gained exclusive access to the artist's own writings, as well as his wide variety of works held in public and private collections, including her own.

In this first-ever biography, Gostick has given us a full picture of Barclay, the artist, the man and his muses. It is a legacy of fine art, commercial illustration, and costume jewellery, and home decor products, all of which have become valuable collectibles.

It is fascinating to read about the breadth of this talented man’s life. If you are already a collector of his jewelry, or you would like to broaden your knowledge about his work I recommend this book for your library. - Elyse Zorn Karlin, editor, Adornment Magazine, ASJRA - Association for the Study of Jewelry and Related Arts, Jan-Apr, 2021

His war posters from both WWI and WWII, which combine with his ultimate sacrifice as a U.S. Naval Reserve officer, and are historically important for the public to know and understand the role of visual communications in conflict.

Richly illustrated book reveals an untold story

The book's 200 pages are richly illustrated with over 400 full colour images. His full spectrum of works featured include oil paintings, charcoal drawings, illustration, magazine covers, advertising art, sculpture, fashion and jewellery design and more. Personal letters, business documents and photos of him and the loves of his life add poignant context.

Collectors, curators and lovers of the Art Deco era, automotive and military history will enjoy this beautiful biography of McClelland Barclay who is deserving of recognition among notable artists of the "Golden Age of Illustration".

A stack of the illustrated artist biography by Patricia Gostick: McClelland Barclay; Painter of Beautiful Women and More

A remarkable but untold story, until now

This is both an illustrated biography of his works, and an intimate story of his life, loves and losses.

McClelland Barclay lived during many waves of change in early 20th century American society, and ultimately his story ends in tragedy.

Despite his success as an artist and service to his country, today, McClelland Barclay is less known because many of his works are in private collections. Patricia Gostick wrote this book to ensure his life and works were illustrated in full, for the enjoyment of all who read it.

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