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Patricia Gostic author of McClelland Barclay: Painter of Beautiful Women and More

Patricia Gostick is the author of McClelland Barclay: Painter of Beautiful Women and More. It is the first-ever illustrated biography of the Art Deco era artist. As a vintage costume jewellery collector and dealer, she first became passionate about McClelland Barclay when she discovered this necklace and fell in love with his costume jewellery designs.

But she couldn't find much information about him.

Researching the artist

During the following twenty years of meandering research, Patricia travelled to various parts of the United States, tracking down clues about McClelland's life and works.

She amassed a considerable collection of McClelland Barclay jewellery made in the 1930s and 40s by Rice-Weiner & Company of Providence, RI. She began sharing her growing catalogue and knowledge of McClelland Barclay to other enthusiasts, by writing articles published in Vintage Fashion & Costume Jewelry, and Illustration magazines.

Discovering the works and life of McClelland Barclay

As Patricia learned more about McClelland Barclay jewellery, she discovered private and public collections of his oil paintings, drawings, and metal art decor products. She also compiled his numerous advertising and editorial illustrations which appeared in popular magazines, movie posters, fashion catalogues and more.

Along the way, she learned about his life, his loves and how he created art as part of his patriotic duty in the U.S. Naval Reserve during WWI and WWII.

Why Patricia Gostick wrote the book on McClelland Barclay

Gostick's earlier career as a French and English teacher and high school principal, combined with her extensive research into McClelland Barclay, prompted her to start writing his biography. But it was because of her passion for this man’s life story, now largely forgotten, that she was compelled to finish it.

Other Publications by Patricia Gostick:

“More Than Pretty Girls: A Collector's Guide to the Illustrations of McClelland Barclay” By Norman Platnick, Patricia Gostick, and Edwin Sullivan, Version 1.6, December, 2019.

“McClelland Barclay: A Signature Style”, by Patricia Gostick. Vintage Fashion & Costume Jewelry (VFCJ) magazine, Fall 2005., looked at the different signatures found on his jewellery.

"McClelland Barclay: More than Beautiful Women", by Patricia Gostick. Illustration magazine, Vol. 7, No. 28, Fall 2009.

Patricia Gostick lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband, two daughters, and a golden retriever.

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