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Shop for authentic collectible McClelland Barclay home decor accents. Add a rare piece of Art Deco history to your home or office. From 1931 to 1939, McClelland Barclay Art Products, Inc. was a commercial enterprise the artist operated from New York to market his home decor accessories such as bookends, desk accessories, vases, statuettes, figurines, photo frames, and decorative boxes, bowls and plaques.

Signed Art Deco Metal Art: McClelland Barclay's signature is on his creatures from land and sea, allegorical figures and female nudes. Made of cast gold-plated bronze like this pelican figurine. Some were created in different finishes including "McClelland Barclay green" genuine bronze plate, real gold and silver plate and ivory enamel.

Devoted desk companions: A life-long dog lover, McClelland Barclay's art often included dogs. He immortalized the original seeing-eye dog in a pair of "Buddy" bookends. And, his miniature bronze-plated Pekingese figurine or Spaniel dog letter opener would make wonderfully loyal desk companions!

vintage McClelland Barclay bronze-plated metal cigarette or trinket box with lamb figurine

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From bookends and figurines, letter openers and vases, McClelland Barclay's unique Art Deco artistry lives on. You can learn more about the artist and the story behind these rare collectible objects in the illustrated biography by Patricia Gostick.

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