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Rare Art Deco and Art Modern jewellery: These are some of the hardest pieces to find because they were only produced between 1938-1943 by the Rice-Weiner & Company in Providence, Rhode Island. McClelland Barclay sterling silver pieces are more scarce than plated Art Deco and Art Moderne rhinestone-embellished jewellery.

Learn more about my shocking discovery about Rice-Weiner in this blog post.

Dive in! This wonderfully textured silvertone double blowfish brooch just invites you to wear a fun vintage jewellery on your summer hat, or beach wrap!

very rare McClelland Barclay courtship charm bracelet in sterling silver
Watch a video preview of the book: McClelland Barclay: Painter of Beautiful Women and More by Patricia Gostick

New revelations about McClelland Barclay jewellery

Author and longtime McClelland Barclay jewellery collector, Patricia Gostick reveals intriguing new discoveries she unearthed about the maker of McClelland Barclay costume jewellery while researching the biography of the artist. A must-read for collectors of vintage Art Deco and Art Moderne jewellery.

"Those who collect jewelry, in particular, will find this book compelling." - Barbara Schwartz, costume jewellery historian & founder, TruFaux Jewels

"You will have to read the book to find out the back story." - Elyse Zorn Karlin, editor, Association for the Study of Jewelry and Related Arts (ASJRA).

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