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McCLELLAND BARCLAY Pair of Bronze Plated Sisyphus Bookends

McCLELLAND BARCLAY Pair of Bronze Plated Sisyphus Bookends

These bronze plated bookends show the wonderful nude, well muscled body of Sisyphus. His name is written on the side of each bookend, and his story is on the back: "Sisyphus Founder of Corinth and the Isthmian games - He was condemned in Hades forever to roll to the top of a hill a huge stone that always rolled down again". The strain of this task is shown perfectly in Sisyphus's shoulders, neck and face. Don't you love Greek & Roman mythology? The gods could be very cruel!

Year Made: 1930s

Condition: excellent vintage

Marks: McClelland Barclay © on the base of each

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bronze plated metal


approx. 6.25 x 6 inches each

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